Laney Chantal Parkhurst (Face Off) Nude…


Wow, Laney, the super cutey from this season of the hit SYFY series FACE OFF, recently did a nude photo shoot… It actually gets a little raunchy…  You’re welcome…

10 comments on “Laney Chantal Parkhurst (Face Off) Nude…

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by with the update! I’ll check your blog more often as, while this is not necessarily a “celebrity nude” blog, I do like to keep things interesting around here… ;)

      I doubt Laney wins this season, but hopefully she’ll be around for a good while to come with her talent and quirky, cute, sexy, uniqueness……!

  1. I don’t think she will win either, there’s some very talented people this season. She is down to the final five though so not bad. Laura is beautiful as well her and Tate I think have the chance to win.

    I too hope Laney is going to be in more TV shows or movies not just fizzle away like many “Reality” show stars. M.J.

  2. I’d like to see Tate win, or Laura, or Miranda… I think they have consistently been the best this season….

    But yes, I do hope Laney sticks around for awhile and has a great career ahead of her…! Or does porno, that could work too….

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t a video or two out there already! I do have a really bad quality phone video of Laney in a pool topless but it’s at night and very poor quality you can hardly see anything too bad. M.J.

  3. Another Nude Photo set yes the 3rd one!—last-nude-shoot.html

    Hey, I’m disappointed to say the least that Laney decided to quit Face Off with only 2 shows left. I understand she missed her family and friends but a lot of people would love opportunities that she had and to waste it? That’s like running a 10 mile race and quitting after 8 miles because you miss your coach. Anyways Enjoy the third set of nude photos if you want! Later on M.J.

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