Jim Henson’s Muppet Computer – 1969


“The machine possesses supreme intelligence, a faultless memory, and a beautiful soul,” H14 says of himself, before vaporizing a cute little bird who just happens to fly by — and promptly correcting the bit about the beautiful soul. You see, H14 can nuke even the cutest of birds without batting an electrical eyelash, and that’s nothing but a good thing. As “mere mortals wallow in a sea of emotionalism,” it can concentrate on the task at hand: “digesting oceans of information in a single all-encompassing gulp.”

Top 10 Ways The Bible Was Influenced By Other Religions


…the many books that make up the Bible were, in fact, written by a number of different authors, some of whom are unknown. And these men were influenced in a variety of ways. This is in accordance with historical patterns, and connections to older references can be found in almost any other religious and or historical text. Although this topic has been much debated, it’s commonly accepted by scholars today that the following parts of the Bible may have been influenced by other cultures…” VIA: -UNIQUE DAILY-

Stages of Decay: Destroyed Theaters


In Julia Solis’s newest book, Stages of Decay, the renowned photographer of ruined buildings and underground spaces collects gorgeous, unsettling photographs of over 100 stages in the US and Europe. Taken over several years and including everything from the stages of community centers to once-grand movie palaces, these photographs are haunting and lovely — an ode to what once was, but also an ode to what is.

Photos of Bullets Sliced in Half



Sabine Pearlman‘s intriguing photo series “Ammo” features images of a variety of ammunitions that have been neatly cut in half to reveal the surprisingly varied and intricate contents inside. Pearlman shot a total of 900 cross-sections of ammo, in a World War II bunker in Switzerland last October, documenting the meticulous and dangerous beauty that lies beneath the bullets’ casings.


The Clock that Tracks the End of the World


Maybe you’re familiar with the Doomsday Clock. It’s an analogy started by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to track how we close we are to the apocalypse by way of nuclear war or other global disaster. Midnight means the end of the world.

Artist Tom Schofield went ahead and turned that analogy into reality with a clock, which automatically checks the Bulletin’s site for updates on the human race’s demise. VIA: -THE PRESURFER-

The A-Bombed Trees that Survived Hiroshima


After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945, with landscapes demolished, soils charred and radiation rampant, Dr. Harold Jacobsen, a scientist from the Manhattan Project, told the Washington Post that Hiroshima will be barren of life and nothing will grow for 75 years. But nature had other plans. The following spring, to everyone’s surprise and delight, new shoots were seen springing up amongst the debris of the city. Those new saplings provided a powerful message to the survivors of the atomic bomb and gave them hope that they could rebuild their city.

The Post-Apocalyptic Weapons of Lucien Shapiro


Lucien Shapiro‘s sculptures are a bit frightening.  These baseball bats-turned-weapons seem to be pulled out of a post-apocalyptic neo-dark ages.  In fact, these sculptures are part of the larger Urban Obsessions series.  Like the title implies, the weapons suggest a sort of violent desperation, an urban restlessness taken to its hyperbolic end.  Also, the sculptures of Urban Obsessions are nearly ritualistic like implements of a a post-modern tribal religion. -BEAUTIFUL DECAY-

Once More Awaiting “The End”


Human beings have never been very good at predicting the end of the world. Though one would never know given our current surge of enthusiasm for apocalyptic scenarios. Even firearms manufacturers today are marketing real-life (and deadly) weapons as “zombie apocalypse” guns. (We all know that zombies aren’t real. Right? Right?). And just consider the last dozen years: Public interest has lurched from Y2K to 2012 to solar flares. It’s easy to make light of these attachments. But recent events reveal a contradictory and troubling attitude at the back of our fascination with The End.

Controversial Pregnant Woman Sculpture

The skyline of the seaside town of Ilfracombe in north Devon, England, is about to change, and not many residents are happy about it. A 20 meter high statue of a naked pregnant women wielding a sword is being erected on the coast. One side the woman’s skin is peeled back, revealing her skull, muscles and developing foetus in her stomach. The woman also carries a sword in her up stretched arm, and has scales hidden behind her back.