What’s been goin’ down?!

For the few of you who might actually check in here semi-often and have ye olde CONSPIRAPORN bookmarked, I just wanted to give a rundown as to what’s been going on in recent months, in regards to the infrequent updates.


Long story short: been going through process of moving, have lovely new girlfriend, have been booking and performing a lot of concerts in my home town, and spend most of my online time at FACEBOOK these days (which you can find the link for on the top left hand side of this page or just search MICHAEL A. DYER).


I will try to update more often, though have become a bit discouraged by a large amount of broken links here, images not showing up, and decrease in viewership. Though, up, up and away, right? In close, HAPPY HALLOWEEN and I’ll do my best to get back into the swing of things here.