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  1. Im bored) lets play three word story =)

    Three word story is a game in which a story is built by multiple people, who use three words each turn. It is a common favorite of forum gamers, since it is easy to explain and play in a linear, structured fashion. An example game goes as follows:
    * A fat man…
    * … walked into a…
    * … car and it…
    * … was very painful…
    * … but he jumped…
    * … back up and…
    * … dug a really…
    * … small cave that…
    * … had two red…
    * … cats coming out…
    * … from some smoke…
    * … though a blue…
    * … streak speeds by…
    * … forcing twenty wayward …
    * … evidences of fright…

    ok =)?
    Ill begin:

    I opened the door…


  2. President Barack Obama made an election-season appeal Saturday to disgruntled liberal activists and bloggers, assuring them his administration is committed to their causes and urging them to help elect Democrats in November.

    Sorry! If this offtop del this post.


  3. Hi everyone

    The name’s Dennis, though most people call me ‘Freaky’. 😛 I’m in my “teens” and kinda lost in the world at the moment…however, I’ve found the hippie “culture” and discovered that it fits me very well…I’m not trying to fit into it, it just kind of fitted onto me.
    I have lots of questions, which hopefully some of the older and wiser people on this board will be able to help answer.
    Here’s to hoping this board will be able to help me discover more of myself and fuel my beliefs.

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    • Thanks! Well, we’ve only been up about 4 months here so I’ll stick with this theme for at least a few more. But, probably will change it up come October/November or something…. Any suggestions?


  4. Hey super cool forum. Enjoying this a lot.

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    I think in May, FB exceeded Google in visits. First time ever!


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  6. And with this post, for some reason, came a shit ton of spam comments here at WORDPRESS. I’m deleting 20 a day for this thread alone.

    As well, I’m one person off from reaching 666 FACEBOOK friends, and hit 666 comments on Myspace last month. Must be an omen.



  7. Hello people,

    I am looking for a good love spells web site, I know this sounds weird or funny, but I’m desperate. Please, no jokes.
    Would anyone recommend a trustworthy website?

    Thanks 😦


    • Thank you very much, glad you enjoy and hope you’ll continue visiting!

      And thanks to all who have helped CONSPIRAPORN reach 20,000 page views since March ’10. Aiming for 100,000 by January, so please help spread the word and keep coming back for more!


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