I can’t wait to go Insane

It seems the most prolific, legendary artists have one trait that unites them: at some point in their lives, they go crazy. Sometimes they OD; sometimes they just become incomprehensible to friends and family. It’s sad, sure, but it makes for a hell of a read.

Who wants to hear that Brian Wilson had a successful career as a brilliant musician before settling down with a wife and kids in Connecticut? That’s a horribly written ending. Boring. No, we want to read that after producing what is arguably the best album of all time, Brian Wilson does every drug on the planet, fries his brain, balloons up to 300 pounds, loses nearly every member of his family and becomes completely inarticulate and incoherent. That’s just a good story. 


Monkeys Love Ice Lollies


Monkeys at a Chinese zoo are cooling off with ice lollies as temperatures reach 40 degrees. Zhengzhou Zoo hands out two to each parched primate per day, and their keeper explained how they developed a taste for the them. “The first time they didn’t dare try them until we threw some into the water,” he said. “A brave one tried it and screamed how good it was, which attracted others to fight for them.” He added that the monkeys now wait patiently for the lollies, and sit in a circle around him as they’re handed out.”



WordPress Joins ‘1 for All’

The oil spill has also made me realize how fragile this freedom is — as the Associated Press reported, “journalists covering the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have been yelled at, kicked off public beaches and islands and threatened with arrest …”

Which is why I’m happy to announce that WordPress.com is a proud supporter of the 1 for All campaign that launches today with the simple goal of raising awareness about the First Amendment. We join more than 1,000 media outlets who have partnered with 1 for All, and we have a special connection to the project — their site is hosted on WordPress.com.

Any U.S. resident is welcome to enter their “How Free Can You Be?” contest by submitting photos, videos and stories that illustrate First Amendment liberties. Back here on WordPress.com, please tag any posts you write about this topic with “First Amendment.” And since we know many of you don’t live in the United States, we welcome all readers — regardless of where you live — to discuss civil liberties in your country, as well. Please tag those posts with “human rights.”

Verbal Vortex

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