Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle:


Mal-Tek was a warrior in a long line of warriors; fearless, courageous, strong. His ancestry, in the time before time when the darkness ruled both night and day and the serpent stood on two legs, revealed a skill honed by survival which no beast or man could equal. While his personal coming of age ritual had long since passed beneath the great mother moon, he generally hunted for food, not sport. That is, until now.


6 comments on “Law of the Jungle

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    • Thanks, glad you liked it. Well, in the end MAL-TEK, AKA Howard Malloy wasn’t necessarily meant to be a likable character. He was clearly delusional and pushed to the edge. I had hesitations about his killing of the cubs/children as well, but keep in mind this was literally written in one night. Didn’t give me a lot of time to say “Gee, what would I have done differently”.

      Comes a point when you just gotta say: it’s finished. That’s been my problem as a writer, I’m never happy with anything and always think of how I could have done it differently. Trying to be content with my work, and publish more of it online.

      I’ve got 100 pages written, 2 or 3 different books with 100 pages each, that I just can’t bring myself to finish because it’s not “clicking”.


  2. And I’m not saying this story is great, but for 1 night’s writing it isn’t bad…

    Fucking frustrating that I post it 5 places, only get 5 comments, yet some dumb bitch on Facebook posts about cooking spaghetti, with a pic of her tits hanging out, and gets 20 comments within the hour.

    The world is fucking stupid as shit.


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