Fantasy Art of Gerald Brom

Gerald Brom (born March 9, 1965 in Albany, Georgia) is an American gothic fantasy artist and illustrator. Born the son of a U.S. Army pilot he spent much of his early years on the move, living in many countries such as Japan and Germany. Brought up as a military dependent he was known by his last name only, and now signs his name as simply Brom.

Blood Artist’s Workshop for Kids

An artist who crucifies animals on stage and sprays the audience with blood has shocked critics by holding art workshops for children. Extreme performance artist Hermann Nitsch – whose fans include David Bowie and Yoko Ono – has stunned audiences with his blood soaked events based on Roman sacrifices and orgies. Now the controversial artist is staging art sessions for youngsters at a museum dedicated to his work in Mistelbach, Austria. Curator Dagmar Kunert explained: “Hopefully some the master’s veneration for color will rub off on them. But the classes have infuriated critics who say his work is too extreme for children.”

Feminine Beauty Around the World

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Never is a statement more true than when you take a look at the different definitions of beauty from around the world. What one finds truly beautiful, someone else might find outrageous, weird or even ugly. We do not all live following the same standards or principles. We do not have the same ideals. We are different; so is beauty.