Tales of the Blue Clown

New, ongoing story to be posted weekly, or whenever the hell I feel like it really. When all is said and done, it should run about 20 parts… Hope you’ll check it out…



My initial instinct was to let the whirlpool take me away into cocoon like nether regions of the slumbering void, deeper and deeper down the drain until nothing was left of me but perhaps a faint ghost or shadow of my flickering memory. Like Alice I would go down the rabbit hole only to reemerge who knows where. When the realization of absolute nothingness set in, I began to struggle for my life, a fish caught in a net with no chance of escape, a firefly trapped in a mason jar. Despite all the mystical powers and tricks at my disposal, it wasn’t every day that you were caught in the dominant grasp and raging tide of a spiraling Black Hole at the center of the universe.


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