Top 20 Cutest Girls of # Occupy Wall Street

The original name of this article was “Top 20 Hottest Girls From Occupy Wall Street,” however after about the first eight lovely ladies the hotness quickly downgraded to cuteness. This is what you must expect when you’re dealing with hippie ladies who sleep on a NYC curb and use a Gatorade bottle as a bathroom for a week straight. All in all, they’re pretty stunning considering their environment.

“Kaleidoscope Conceptions” is Coming Soon…!

Just giving a sneak peek and heads up to the NEW WEBSITE which will be launched soon entitled KALEIDOSCOPE CONCEPTIONS. This will be a global community of artists, bands and musicians, graphic designers, writers, poets, photographers, film-makers, and craft workers.

We’ll also eventually be setting up a 24 hour streaming net radio station with music and podcasts from around the planet! It will serve as a network of inspiration, and community of (hopefully) like minded artistic types.

So, stay tuned! It’ll have all the bells and whistles and will be much more “professionally minded” than ye ol’ CONSPIRAPORN! here. Will keep y’all updated, it should be up and running in the next 10 days or so, knock on wood…