Spirit Communication: How Do Mediums Speak With the Dead?

Ghosts, spirits, banshees, call them what you will – but there is a very clear belief among some people that these spiritual entities exist. And what’s more, that they don’t just float through everyday life, but are capable of, and willing to, communicate with humanity. This isn’t a new idea, either; every religion in the world has views on the subject. It might be said that speaking to and communicating with the dead is one of mankind’s oldest beliefs.

The Magical World of Mushrooms


Egyptian pharaohs believed that mushrooms had magical powers, and this may be true. Consuming mushrooms with psilocybin will give a person a mystical experience. Other mushrooms can annoy a digestive tract, cause severe physical distress, or even kill a person. Truffle mushrooms are one of the most expensive food items available. Another mushroom, the honey mushroom, is the largest known living organism on earth. Unfortunately, mushrooms have the reputation as something that grows in the dark and on animal dung. Whatever you think of mushrooms, they are really a fascinating group.