15 Reasons Why Mother Nature Hates You…

Verifiable Proof That Mother Nature Does Not Love You. In fact, she probably hates you… If the following examples are any indication, Mother Nature has every intention of wiping human nature from her face like so many tears. Observe her handiwork: http://www.emergencypreparednessdepot.net/v/verifiable_proof_that_mother_nature_does_not_love_you/

10 of the Greatest Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of All-Time

Each year, America spends about $250 billion on marketing and advertising — more than the entire GDP of Thailand. Too bad most of that money is a complete waste. For an increasingly savvy, TiVo-equipped public, our brains seem to shut down whenever something registers as “advertising.” Which means all those marketing creatives at the big ad firms have had no choice but to, well, get more creative.

The 6 Most WTF Protesters Ever Photographed

We’ve covered badass protesters like these before, but their way of protesting injustice — repeatedly swinging their giant testicles into hypocrisy like a pair of fleshy wrecking balls until the whole damn system comes tumbling down — is not the only way. Peaceful movements can be quite effective too. Reason, logic and empathy are all equally excellent tools of opposition, if employed correctly.

And hey, if all that shit fails, you can always try complete and utter madness. Looks like it’s working out great for these guys:  http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-6-most-wtf-protesters-ever-photographed/