The Bunker Bed

American’s fearing a rise in crime during the economic downturn are buying state-of-the-art gun safes hidden inside their beds. The BedBunker weighs a whopping 1,300lbs empty and features locks used in government high security buildings like the Pentagon. Worried homeowners can now store 35 rifles and 70 hand guns underneath them while they sleep. Product inventor and designer John Adrain, from Heracles Research Corporation, said a number of billionaires have begun buying his product. ‘Home invasions are on the rise,’ he said. ‘More people are looking for secure places to store their valuables and weapons. ‘What better place is there to store things than secretly under your bed.



The Imaginary Monsters of U.S. Cities

If you want to catch a cryptid doing its thing in America, common sense would deem you drive far out into the woods where humankind rarely ventures. After all, it’s typically hunters and hikers who wind up having awkward run-ins with Bigfoot or the Flatwoods monster.

But city dwellers who want a taste of the supernatural ought not to despair. A deep riffling through the musty archives of American folklore reveal several beasties who have given up their woodsy pad for the fast-paced life of the big city. See what monsters could be dealing with condo fees and long lines at Starbucks in the gallery below.