Please allow me to preface this.

I spent the entirety of 2020 running a CONSPIAPORN! Facebook page that had gained 10,000 members and routinely had 250,000 page views a week at its height. Never once did I promote any Qanon support, and in fact debunked (or attempted to) many of the wild “conspiracies” that were getting routinely shared. Nor did I side with any political affiliation or candidate (besides Libertarian). I never promoted hate, or violence, nor took a side in the whole BLM divisiveness. I did my best to stay neutral, not promote crazy speculation, and speak with some integrity and intelligence on the state of affairs.

And yet, I still had my page unpublished by FB due to “repeat community standards violations” that I could not challenge. This consisted of maybe 8 to 10 posts over a 14 month period that resulted in the group being unpublished, half of those which were not flagged until 4 – 6 months AFTER they were originally posted.

I know that tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of social media accounts have been flagged, restricted, or downright deleted and censored over 2020/2021, and it’s probably only going to get worse. So I encourage every one of you to go start a blog or website or something that is not reliant on social media for anything. The original purpose of social media was to supplement blogs and websites and help us connect, not to take over blogs and websites and human connection entirely!