The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis

The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis is a theory originated by Mac Tonnies to explain UFO’s, and what are commonly called aliens, in a new way. It was developed in his blog, and later published posthumously. It proposes that these phenomena are explained by mysterious and secretive races of earthly origin. These races would have existed upon Earth for at least as long as humanity, and are described as presenting themselves as extraterrestrials or occult beings.

One comment on “The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis

  1. To take nothing away from the late Mac Tonnies, who I considered a peer and online friend, but the “Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis” (which I referred to as our “Cavite Ancestors”) was a theory I had been putting forth for several years. That, perhaps, “aliens” were of terrestrial origin, evolving slightly differently than the other races, and placing themselves in positions of secret “occult power”. Beings who had resided high on mountains, and deep in cave systems, for tens of thousands of years, and used “secret technology” to master the other races of mankind, interbreed, and set up the foundations of human civilization….

    An evolutionary divergence which brought forth the Caucasian and Semitic races…

    Whatever the case, I miss ya Mac! šŸ˜¦


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