Episode #4…20: Cave Mystery Schools, Shamanism and Psychedelics, Myths of the Underworld.



It’s funny they are acting like this is some “groundbreaking new insight”, when it is basically the same ideas presented in the 1998 book THE SHAMANS OF PREHISTORY, THE MIND IN THE CAVE (2002), and INSIDE THE NEOLITHIC MIND (2005), all written by David Lewis Williams.

The paper posits that the Paleolithic artisans were motivated by the transformative nature of the subterranean, oxygen-depleted space; there they could communicate with nonhuman entities inhabiting the underworld. They were making the drawings not for the tribe to see, but for keeping and maintaining their relationships with the cosmos.


Tree of Life, Bahrain


The Tree of Life or Shajarat-al-Hayat in Bahrain is a remarkable tree. Located 10 km from Askar and some 3.5 km west from Jaww, this 32-feet tall Prosopis cineraria has been making a seemingly impossible living out of dry sand for approximately 400 years. There is no apparent source of water and other vegetation for miles around. The mystery of the survival of the tree has made it a legend.

The Octopus Tree of Oregon


The Octopus Tree is a massive Sitka spruce located a few hundred feet from Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, in the U.S. The tree is shaped like an inverted octopus with branches growing like giant tentacles from its 50-foot base. The tree has no central trunk. Instead, six candelabra limbs extend horizontally from the base as much as 16 feet before turning upward. The tree’s unusual shape, according to local historians and Tillamook tribal descendants, comes from the ravages of the wind, but it could also have been man-made.