Friends! The latest episodes of CONSPIRAPORN represents some 6000 years in the history of horror and the supernatural and runs nearly 2 hours, in 2 separate parts.Parts 3 and 4 will be coming in the following weeks as I attempt to highlight horror from the year 1900 – 2021. Hope you’ll check it out!!!

Also available on: SPOTIFY/CONSPIRAPORN.

PART 1 – The birth of horror folklore and urban legend, art and the apocalypse, the Spanish Inquisition and Black Death, birth of the Gothic horror novel and much more! Part 1 (of 4).

40 minutes.

CORRECTION: The Shudder series is IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS 1 and 2 (not “Journey into Darkness”).…/Themes-of-Supernatural…/a-a5kbu2s

PART 2 – Devil at the crossroads, Grimm Fairy Tales and the Penny Dreadful, Frankenstein, Poe, Jack the Ripper, Dracula and the Order of the Dragon.

54 minutes.

CORRECTION: Vlad Tepis was assassinated in 1476, not 1447 (that was the year his father died).



The Amarna period, roughly 1353-1336 BCE, introduced a new form of art that completely contradicted what was known and revered in the Egyptian culture. The pharaoh Amenhotep IV not only changed his name from Amenhotep to Akhenaten, and the religion of ancient Egypt from polytheistic to monotheistic, but he also challenged the norm of Egyptian society by depicting his reign in a vastly different way from the rulers who came before him.


Episode #4…20: Cave Mystery Schools, Shamanism and Psychedelics, Myths of the Underworld.