Friends! The latest episodes of CONSPIRAPORN represents some 6000 years in the history of horror and the supernatural and runs nearly 2 hours, in 2 separate parts.Parts 3 and 4 will be coming in the following weeks as I attempt to highlight horror from the year 1900 – 2021. Hope you’ll check it out!!!

Also available on: SPOTIFY/CONSPIRAPORN.

PART 1 – The birth of horror folklore and urban legend, art and the apocalypse, the Spanish Inquisition and Black Death, birth of the Gothic horror novel and much more! Part 1 (of 4).

40 minutes.

CORRECTION: The Shudder series is IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS 1 and 2 (not “Journey into Darkness”).…/Themes-of-Supernatural…/a-a5kbu2s

PART 2 – Devil at the crossroads, Grimm Fairy Tales and the Penny Dreadful, Frankenstein, Poe, Jack the Ripper, Dracula and the Order of the Dragon.

54 minutes.

CORRECTION: Vlad Tepis was assassinated in 1476, not 1447 (that was the year his father died).


14 Terrifying Japanese Monsters, Myths, and Spirits


The Japanese are very much into their spirits. There are hundreds of them, many harmless, many tragic, and more than a few just mischievous. There actually aren’t too many evil spirits wandering the country… but there are a few, and you don’t want to mess with any of them. Here are 14 reasons to avoid Japanese relationships, Japanese bathrooms, Japanese babies and pretty much the entirety of Japan.

Top 7 Most Feared Japanese Monsters


Unlike the rest of the world, though, a full 50 percent of the myths from Japan exist solely to confuse and befuddle those who hear about them, because they only make sense in the way a porn star makes a good role model. In an effort to better elucidate these things, I’ll try to give them a pop culture equivalent so you have a basis of comparison. VIA: –UNIQUE DAILY