The Mysterious Engravings of Ireland’s 5,000-Year-Old Megalithic Tomb

Described as “one of the most beautiful and powerful sites in Ireland,” the megaliths at Loughcrew comprise a set of tombs enshrouded in mystery. For thousands of years they have stood, high on the windswept hills, with views of a gentle green landscape rolling away on all sides. Before the first pyramids were even built in Egypt, this wild and rugged land was home to Neolithic people who carved strange patterns into the stones. And yet it is the mystery that enshrouds this tomb site in Loughcrew, in Ireland’s County Meath, that is the real secret to its appeal.

Ouija Board Tombstone

It wasn’t until 2007 that Robert Murch, a noted paranormal enthusiast and Ouija Board collector and historian, set out to find the grave, and Elijah Bond finally got the respect he deserved for his invention. Murch claims it took him fifteen years to locate the precise grave in the Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland – and several of those spent working closely with the cemetery owners themselves to accurately identify the grave.


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