If you’re going to hell, pray you don’t get sent to the Chinese version

We’re big fans of Hieronymus Bosch-style artwork showing the Christian Hell in all its glory — but Bosch pales in comparison to this art collection of (what we’re assuming) is Chinese Hell. There’s one form of punishment that’s just needle rain and another that’s some sort of a bee and scorpion tornado.

Best Nanotechnology Conspiracy Rant Ever

Viruses are obviously artificial creations, little pieces of technology designed to download evil software into your cells. This is definitely my favorite new conspiracy rant. The best part is when the narrator, known on YouTube as “adampants,” starts acting out all the voices of the cells involved in immune response. “Hey, I’m a white blood cell!” This is a great, trippy video to watch during your afternoon tea.

The Wonderful World of Animal Mating Rituals

The word ‘romance’ evokes some typical images of what we consider to be romantic. This could be a box of Belgian chocolates and some blossoming roses or it could be a table for two at a luxury restaurant – but have we ever considered the romantic lives of other species on this planet? If not, then it’s about time, as the world of birds, mammals and sea creatures reveals some fascinating ways in which mating can occur and the incredible means by which the male woos his female friend…

Top 7 Mind-Blowing Structures Built In Secret

“Humans build incredible things. Chances are good that you passed something on your way to work this morning that would make our ancestors accuse someone of witchcraft. But we never stop to wonder what awe-inspiring creation someone could be producing right under our noses, because why would anyone build something impressive and keep it a secret? Plenty of (usually insane) reasons, it turns out. The next time you look out your window, you might be totally unaware that you’re staring right at something like…”