BUTTERFLY 16×20 canvas

Soooooo, I’ve recently began dabbling in art projects, most of them 16×20 canvas pieces… There will be 18 (maybe more) in all, and you can view the GALLERY here… If interested in purchase, please hit me up on the Facebook page and I can ship it to you, thanks!

The Clock that Tracks the End of the World


Maybe you’re familiar with the Doomsday Clock. It’s an analogy started by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to track how we close we are to the apocalypse by way of nuclear war or other global disaster. Midnight means the end of the world.

Artist Tom Schofield went ahead and turned that analogy into reality with a clock, which automatically checks the Bulletin’s site for updates on the human race’s demise. VIA: –THE PRESURFER

The A-Bombed Trees that Survived Hiroshima


After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945, with landscapes demolished, soils charred and radiation rampant, Dr. Harold Jacobsen, a scientist from the Manhattan Project, told the Washington Post that Hiroshima will be barren of life and nothing will grow for 75 years. But nature had other plans. The following spring, to everyone’s surprise and delight, new shoots were seen springing up amongst the debris of the city. Those new saplings provided a powerful message to the survivors of the atomic bomb and gave them hope that they could rebuild their city.