Arousing Mythology and Mysterious Folklore

A native of Barcelona, Spain, painter Fran Recacha was born in 1976 and earned a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. With a figurative and contemporary style, Fran creates exquisite oil paintings full of arousing mythology and mysterious folklore. His brushwork is smooth and radiates a successful portrayal of concept and execution.
(via Art Attacks Online)

Sex Robots the Future of Tourism

The future of sex tourism lies in robot prostitutes, two Victoria University researchers have theorised.

Management professor Ian Yeoman, a futurist with an interest in tourism, and sexologist Michelle Mars have looked to how red light districts might operate in the year 2050.

The futuristic scenario of sex tourism suggests android prostitutes will reign supreme, eliminating the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections in an industry free from sex slavery.

Japanese Sex Museums: Where Sanity Goes to Die

Here are some choice scenes from the city of Beppu’s hihōkan, which apparently closed (but you can still tour on YouTube for posterity’s sake). During its sexy heyday, visitors could behold see-through wombs, pinnipeds mid-coitus, and an animatronic display of Snow White being pleasured by all seven dwarves while the Evil Queen peeps voyeuristically and Prince Charming watches on in horror.