Monsters and Marilyns

Monsters and Marilyns is a project by Jesse Lenz. The hair and make-up from Andy Warhol’s ‘Marilyn Monroe’ painting is placed on politicians, dictators, public officials, as well as old horror movie monsters that are liars, murderers, and tyrants.

By doing this the statement is made that no matter how much popular culture or the mass media tries to dress up and beautify these people, they are still monsters.

My Obsession w/ ‘Madmen’

OK, not an obsession really. But, over the winter I got acquainted with season 1 and 2 of MADMEN and this truly is one hell of a good show. Smart, Stylish, Suspenseful, and yes, SEXY too. Aside from the vivacious January Jones who plays the lonely and conflicted housewife Betty Draper, we also have fiery-sex-kitten Christina Hendricks who gives a wonderful performance as sultry office secretary Joan Harris.

Even without the sexpots this would still be one of the best shows on TV… But it sure don’t hurt. The first 2 seasons have been so successful that a line of MADMEN BARBIE DOLLS are in the works.

Some of my other favorite, current and recommendable TV series’ would be the always entertaining WEEDS, and  SUPERNATURAL . Heh, probably not a good idea to read any spoilers about these shows before watching though, the ongoing mystery is part of the allure…