Just Deserts

A few of humanity’s worst citizens – poachers – snuck in to the Kruger National Park in South Africa in the middle of the night. They’d planned on checking traps, but instead found themselves in the deadly gaze of angry hippopotamuses. Hippos are the animal kingdom’s number one killer of humans in Africa, so the men scattered. Two made it out alive; the third’s remains were found, ostensibly devoured by lions.

Ranking the most powerful forces in the Universe

There are a large number of forces at work in the Universe, some more powerful than others — and I’m not talking about the four fundamental forces of nature. A force in the context I’m talking about is any phenomenon in Universe that exhibits a powerful effect or influence on its environment. Many of these phenomenon quite obviously depend on the four basic forces to function (gravity, electromagnetism, the weak interaction and the strong interaction), but it’s the collective and emergent effects of these fundamental forces that I’m interested in.