Is Porn Good for Society?

“Over the years, many scientists have investigated the link between pornography (considered legal under the First Amendment in the United States unless judged “obscene”) and sex crimes and attitudes towards women. And in every region investigated, researchers have found that as pornography has increased in availability, sex crimes have either decreased or not increased.

“While that is far from a ringing endorsement, it does at least seem to indicate that pornography isn’t contributing to sex crimes. While some naysayers may point out that most offenders in prison have been exposed to porn, the fact of the matter is that nearly every male — and a good number of females — is exposed to pornography at some point. It stands to reason that most offenders have viewed porn. But other studies found that being punished for porn use might contribute to someone becoming a rapist, and not the porn use itself. Indeed, continues The Scientist, a repressive religious upbringing might be more of a factor in rape than porn.”


20 Sexy Screen Scientists

“TV and the movies are full of slapdash — extremely slapdash — science. A mystical wave of the hand, a chalkboard full of scribbles, and voila! Cold fusion in every home. That gets no respect from me. But the practitioners of that science… well, sometimes they make it look really good.”

List includes both guys and dolls! Wanna get a little more up close and personal with Jolene Blalock (featured above)? Check THIS LINK .

Interview W/ Cult Favorite Horror Author David Wellington

It’s the End of the World as we Know it:
Interview with cult-favorite horror author David Wellington
-MAD 3/4/10


-MAD: MR. Wellington, it’s really awesome to speak with you, thanks for taking some time with us. I just finished reading your MONSTER TRILOGY and could tell from the start that this is definitely an instant classic of the “zombie apocalypse” sub-genre of horror literature, and just an all together great series of books even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of horror! When did you first realize that you wanted to be an author, and how did the genesis of the MONSTER TRILOGY first come into fruition?

-D.W.: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I started when I was six years old. Thirty years later, I was getting a little frustrated that I’d never been published. So I put my new book online, thinking that at least people would get a chance to read it. Enough of them did that I got a book deal out of it. I was pretty excited.


Welcome to CONSPIRAPORN! Version 2.0!


That’s right ladies and gents! CONSPIRAPORN! is back and proves to be better than ever (or at least not suck too hard)! What’s CONSPIRAPORN! you might ask? Why, it’s my multi million dollar idea to turn perverts into upright and contributing members of society! No, but really, it’s just going to be a entertaining mixture of sexy stuff and weird stuff, and yes, politics and conspiracy as well. If you want more information about CONSPIRAPORN’S! humble beginnings, please see the “ABOUT” section over on the left hand side of the page for more details as to what can be expected from this new site. And don’t worry, there won’t really be any porn here (at least not much), but there will be a good helping of sexy chicks and tasteful nudity! Woooo! So, please feel free to bookmark and check in often. This place will be updated at least semi-daily with the latest news, info, and yes, boobies!