Without warning, local people – young and old, male and female – went mad


Was idyllic French village driven crazy by LSD in a secret American mind experiment?

For centuries, nothing much happened in Pont-Saint-Esprit, a sleepy village in southern France. Perched on the banks of the River Rhone, people lived there much as they had done since Medieval times.

Indeed, throughout the great dramas of the past 100 years, peasant farmers toiled in the fields while housewives browsed for cheeses, bread and other local produce at the village market.

But then, one rainy Saturday in August 1951, life imploded for the good people of Pont-Saint-Esprit. That was the day that insanity came to call – bringing bedlam, bloodshed and worldwide infamy with it.

Without warning, local people – young and old, male and female – went mad. En masse.

Under the Skin


Equal parts murder mystery, conspiracy theory, horror story, and social commentary, UNDER THE SKIN touches on deep issues of human nature, tolerance, and how mankind views itself and each other. This is a highly recommendable read. Wouldn’t suggest you read any spoilers beforehand though, the strangly unraveling thread is part of the intrigue. It’s ‘Animal farm’ for a new generation.

Saddest Bars to Drink In

“A good bar is filled with good people, good atmosphere, and endless opportunities for drunken debauchery. A sad bar is filled with about five or six people who sit at the bar looking as if their souls have been crushed long ago, their faces a mixture of apathy and despair, giving off a vibe of ‘too lazy for suicide’. Here are those people’s favorite places to hang out, also known as the saddest bars to drink in.”