Muslim Girls Must Wear Head-To-Toe Burkinis

Schools have been told they should allow Muslim girls taking swimming lessons to cover themselves from head to toe in special outfits dubbed burkinis. An increasing number of pupils are insisting that conventional swimming costumes are “immodest” and, citing religious grounds, have been refusing to wear them. Now councilors in Ealing, West London, are encouraging local pools to stock the $39 Lycra ‘burkinis’ and instructing local schools to let girls wear them. Teachers have even been given details of an online swimwear company that will deliver the two-piece burka-like outfits, which cover every bit of skin from the ankle to the neck and come with a head covering to conceal the hair. The burkini is recommended in a document from Ealing council’s Standing Advisory

Council on Religious Education, which says it wants to encourage success through diversity.”


The 45 Sexiest Women Ever Drawn

Cartoons, Comics, Video Games… they’re all a part of a man’s life. From the time he’s just a boy, until he’s a grown man, they’re watching cartoons, reading comics, and playing video games. And the people behind the scenes that create these awesome forms of entertainment know that guys dig hot chicks. So, they put them in everywhere they can. These women look hot, and we don’t complain. Here, in no particular order, are…