Nothing Says Springtime Like a Penis Festival

Every March 15th, the residents of Komaki, a small town near Nagoya, Japan, host the Hounen Matsuri. Known by foreigners as the Penis Festival, it is one of the many Japanese phenomena that defy Western comprehension. It’s easy to see how the message of the festival could be unintentionally distorted. On the surface, it seems like an excuse for old Japanese guys to fill themselves with cheap beer and chase girls around with bananas.


My new band ‘Piece De Resistance’

2010: Random PDR gigs... | 2/21 @ MELODY INN.... More.... | Pièce de Résistance

Piece De Resistance Live at Melody Inn 4/1/2010

Pièce de Résistance | MySpace Video

So, me and a buddy started up a new band a couple-three months back called PIECE DE RESISTANCE and have been gigging around a little bit in the central Indianapolis area. The video above was our 3rd or 4th show at a really cool place called THE MELODY INN on 4/1/10. Hope you’ll give it a listen, and go easy on us, keeping in mind we’ve only been together a few months, I’m not a guitar player and our drummer isn’t really a drummer. LoL, excuses, excuses. We’ll be playing out a lot (hopefully) this spring and summer and are working on both a demo and full length CD.

‘Kaikidan Ekotoba’ monster scroll

Here is a look at the Kaikidan Ekotoba, a mysterious handscroll that profiles 33 legendary monsters and human oddities, mostly from the Kyushu region of Japan (with several from overseas). The cartoonish document, whose author is unknown, is believed to date from the mid-19th century. It is now in the possession of the Fukuoka City Museum. Featured above is the “man with oversized testicles”.