The Worship of Santa Muerte

Over the last decade, one saint in Mexico has attracted 2 million followers: Saint Death. Known as Santa or Santisima Muerte, this figure has become an issue for the government and Catholic Church of Mexico. The church does not recognize Santa Muerte as an official saint, but the worship of her resembles other syncretic traditions in Mexico. For example, the Virgin of Guadalupe is revered by many Mexican Indians as an Aztec goddess, but Santa Muerte is not as well received.



Imagine you have a little robot that holds a pencil. Set it down on a sheet of paper and give it these instructions:

  1. Move forward 3 units and turn right.
  2. Move forward 1 unit and turn right.
  3. Move forward 2 units and turn left.
  4. Move forward 1 unit and turn left.
  5. Move forward 2 units and turn right.
  6. Repeat.

If the robot makes its turns at 90° angles, it will produce this figure:


But, remarkably, if it turns at 120° it will draw this:

star of david


26 Greatest Zombies of All Time

#25: Julie Walker
From: Return of the Living Dead III (Film)
Why She Rules: Return of the Living Dead is regarded by some horror fans as the most well made zombie film of all time. Return of the Living Dead II is regarded as one of the most mind-blowingly shitty sequels of all time. And, while the third Return of the Living Dead III wasn’t great by any means, it still had Julie Walker–the undead girl that we consider the sexiest zombie ever in a movie. Even with all those shards of glass jutting out of her flesh, we still find her hot.