The Majestic Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is the largest and the most impressive natural landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin, Guangxi, China. The reed flute cave is over 180 million years old. It was discovered in the 1940s by a group of refugees. The reed flute cave has received many VIPs.


Chipless Tagging, Next Generation of Big Brother

Mark of the Beast now available in Invisible to the eye INK?

The process developed by Somark involves a geometric array of micro-needles and an ink capsule, which is used to ‘tattoo’ an animal. The ink can be detected from 4 feet away.

A startup company developing chipless RFID ink has tested its product on cattle and laboratory rats.


Looking for Queen of Conspiraporn 2010!

That’s right ladies and gents (but mostly ladies), the search is on for the QUEEN OF CONSPIRAPORN 2010! What’s the Queen of Conspiraporn? Why, it’s the most coveted title on the planet with billions of sexy, intelligent, quirky ladies competing to be the spokesmodel for our own little CONSPIRAPORN website. What can you win? My, you ask a lot of questions! The winner will partake in an exclusive interview with yours truley, recieve help with their very own photoshoot, get some promo and publicity for your own website/Myspace/product (should you have any), be an intregal part to CONSPIRAPORN throughout 2010, and even receive some cash prizes! All you have to do to enter is send me a photo of yourself and be willing to fill out a short questionaire for your chance to win, it’s that easy. In the meantime please be sure to check out last year’s winner, the lovely ERROR (pictured above) who was previously crowned! The 2010 winner will be announced sometime in July, so send in those entries today!!!