70’s Illustrations of Futuristic Space Colonies


If you’re of a bookish bent and also of a certain age that starts with a “3,” you may well have gone through a phase in your childhood when you devoured every book in the local library on space/space travel/”the future” in general. If so, you may also emit a squeal of delight at these wonderful ’70s-era illustrations of space colonies, which we spotted at Visual News. VIA: –FLAVOR WIRE

23 of the World’s Most Insane Caves that you can Explore

For some of the caves listed below, you’ll need climbing equipment and a buddy, for others, all you’ll need is a pair of sneakers and a few dollars. In any case, after checking out these pics you may want to read up on how to become a good caver.


19th Century Diagrams Visualizing Human Consciousness

Could you represent the stages of human consciousness with a diagram? In the late 19th century, New Zealand psychologist Benjamin Betts tried to apply mathematics to the problem of visualizing human consciousness. What he produced were striking, almost floral designs that he believed represented the shape of out consciousness for a given activity.